Today, we want to introduce you to Matt and share his story. He has given us his blessing to share the story of his journey with all of you. This holiday season, we want to show you how the gifts you give to our shelter have a positive, life-long impact on our residents finding their way home.

A Journey to Healing:

Matt has spent the last seven years on the streets, not asking for much but appreciating anything given to him. He told our Director, Harrison Holtkamp, that he tries to meet someone new daily, which speaks to Matt’s warm soul. When he first came to our shelter, he would only spend the winters with us and leave once the weather broke. We tried to get him to address his barriers during those times, but he would leave anytime he felt pressure. We came very close in the past to get him into housing, but he would sabotage the effort at the last minute. Harry Holtkamp said, “I cannot tell you how many times he has said, ‘Harry, this is nice, but someone else deserves this more than me.’

This past spring, Matt made the life-changing choice to enter rehab and start addressing his barrier of addiction. He began to experience health issues, and his life choices were catching up with him. When he came back from rehab, he was focused and pursued his healing journey with a new determination. Nest helped him get a smartphone (he is an avid reader) and supported him in signing up for social security. His addiction did not have as strong of a hold on him as before; Matt is changing his life for the better.

Keeping His Eye on the Prize:

This past fall, Nest began telling Matt’s story to every agency personnel who had ever met him and or would listen in the hopes that Matt could get community support towards a healed and housed life. We were delighted when one of those agencies told us they had a one-bedroom apartment Matt qualified for. We sent over the paperwork and began praying harder.


Matt was accepted into their program and received the keys to his apartment in early November.


Matt is just one of the success stories we are so proud to share with all of you. Through the generous donations and support of individuals, organizations, and our community, we want to continue to have many more success stories to share with you all in the next year. Please consider donating to Nest Community Shelter this holiday season. Without continued support and donations, we could not have supported Matt and his journey.



Matt’s story is a win for our organization and a win for all of the organizations who stepped up to aid Matt. This is a win for our community, but most importantly, this is a win for Matt. This goes to show that when you work hard and keep your eye on the prize, good things happen. We are so proud of Matt.