A Note From Our Director

Nest Community Shelter is a place of refuge within La Porte County. We provide temporary accommodation, a safe place for our guests to lay their heads at night, food security, and connections to support services for those experiencing homelessness in La Porte County.  We know that each guest’s story is unique and brings its own set of challenges. At Nest Community Shelter, we work together with our guests and provide support services to overcome these challenges and establish our guests in stable long-term housing. Below, you will find a few stories of former guests, volunteers, and more who share their experiences with us during their time at Nest Community Shelter.

Nest Community Shelter Stories

Each guest who walks through the door of Nest Community Shelter is treated with dignity. Our team dedicates our time and efforts to supporting our guests’ journeys to long-term stable housing. It is through the shared determination to work together that our guests find success. We encourage you to listen to our guests’ stories in their own words.

A Guest Story: Rosemary’s Journey

Rosemary, a former guest, shares her story of how she came to be a guest at Nest Community Shelter. Through hard work and support from Nest Community Shelter, Rosemary now has a home of her own. She shares her impactful story in this beautiful video. Rosemary now gives back to our shelter through her dedicated volunteer work with us.

Ed’s Story: Former Board President

Ed Marrion truly has a heart for what we do at Nest Community Shelter. Ed is one of our longest-serving volunteers and a former board member. Ed previously served on the Nest Community Shelter board, and he now serves as a board advisor. In this video, Ed shares some history of volunteering in the earliest days of Nest Community Shelter and what brought him to our organization. He says it was the lack of affordable shelter and his previous work as a social worker and real estate agent that empowered him to help. When asked, “What is the one thing you want people to know about Nest,” Ed’s kindness and passion abound. Ed replies, “They (our unhoused population) are us. They’re your neighbors.” Nest Community Shelter is a volunteer-based organization that relies daily on a committed group of generous individuals who give of their time. We are so blessed to call Ed one of our most dedicated volunteers.