In the heart of our small community, where compassion thrives and unity prevails, the collaboration between the LaPorte Seventh Day Adventist Church and Nest Community Shelter has become a shining example of what can be achieved when individuals and organizations unite for a common cause. This partnership has not only brought warmth and nourishment to the souls of those in need but has also illuminated the path toward a brighter future for our community. Today, we celebrate the extraordinary efforts of one of our many dedicated church partners, who have generously contributed canned goods, sent volunteers to serve dinners, and provided crucial monetary support to ensure the continued success of our shelter.

A Ray of Light: Canned Goods Donation

One of the cornerstones of this commitment LaPorte Seventh Day Adventist Church continues to bring to our shelter has been the consistent donation of canned goods to our pantry. These donations have played a vital role in ensuring that our shelves are stocked with nutritious, non-perishable items allowing us to provide wholesome meals for our guests. The impact of these contributions go beyond mere sustenance; it sends a powerful message of solidarity and care from one corner of our community to another.

Harrison (Harry) Holtkamp, the executive director of Nest, expressed his gratitude, saying, “The generosity of our local churches has been a true blessing. The donations of canned goods have not only filled our pantry but have filled the hearts of those we serve. It’s a beautiful reminder that, even in difficult times, our community is capable of extraordinary acts of kindness.”

A Serving of Kindness: Volunteers at Dinner Service

Beyond canned goods, this local church has extended its support by sending volunteers to actively participate in serving dinners to our guests. This hands-on involvement has created a sense of community and connection that transcends the traditional donor-recipient relationship. Volunteers from the church don’t just provide meals; they share smiles, engage in conversations, and create an atmosphere of warmth that is invaluable to those experiencing homelessness.

Empowering Change: Monetary Donations for a Sustainable Future

Recognizing the ongoing challenges our shelter faces, this local church has also made monetary contributions. These funds have proven instrumental in addressing our shelter’s operational needs, including facility maintenance and essential resources for our guests. The financial support from the church ensures that our shelter can continue its mission of providing a safe haven for those in need.

In expressing his appreciation, Harrison Holtkamp emphasizes the critical role of financial contributions, stating, “The monetary donations from our local churches have been a lifeline for our shelter. They enable us to not only meet the immediate needs of our guests but also to plan for the future. Having dedicated partners like the congregation at LaPorte’s Seventh Day Adventist Church allows us to focus on our mission without worrying about the financial constraints often accompanying shelter running.”

Harrison went on to reflect on the profound impact of all the local churches and organizations’ partner with Nest:


“In the tapestry of community, the threads of compassion, generosity, and unity are woven by the hands of dedicated partners. Our local churches, civic organizations, and members of the community have become an integral part of this beautiful tapestry, bringing warmth, sustenance, and hope to those who need it most. Their commitment is a testament to the transformative power of community-driven initiatives, and we are grateful for all of the unwavering support. As the executive director of this shelter, I can confidently say that partnerships like these are the heartbeat of our mission. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a community where everyone feels seen, valued, and supported.”

-Harrison (Harry) Holtkamp, Nest Executive Director

In the story of our small community homeless shelter, the partnership with our local churches and organizations shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Through the donation of canned goods, the active involvement of volunteers in serving meals, and the crucial monetary contributions, LaPorte’s Seventh Day Adventist Church has demonstrated that real change begins at the grassroots level. As we continue our mission to provide shelter, sustenance, and support to those experiencing homelessness, we extend our deepest gratitude to this congregation for standing with us, hand in hand, in creating a brighter future for all. Together, we can build a community where compassion knows no bounds and every individual is empowered to thrive.

If you would like to donate or volunteer at Nest Community Shelter, please reach out today.