Nest Community Shelter Receives Bombas Socks Donation, Pays it Forward to Support Local Michigan City Children In Need.


MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA. MAY 3, 2024: Nest Community Shelter, a non-profit organization providing emergency housing and support services, has received a generous donation of 5,000 high-performance socks from Bombas known for their signature performance socks made from moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials. The donated socks are being used to provide dignity and comfort to the shelter’s guests, with the excess supply of 3,750 pairs of socks being shared with the Michigan City Area Schools to support children and families in need throughout the local community.

“We are incredibly grateful to Bombas for their thoughtful donation,” said Harrison Holtkamp, Executive Director of the Nest Community Shelter. “Access to high-quality socks is something many of us take for granted, but it can make a world of difference for someone experiencing homelessness or poverty. These socks will help our guests stay comfortable, healthy, and focused on getting back on their feet.”

Bombas provides premium socks while donating to homeless communities and matches every sock purchased with donations to shelters across the country. This is the second year this donation has been given to Nest Community Shelter. Last year, they received 3,000 pairs of socks, and Nest donated what they did not use to La Porte County agencies that could use this donation.

After ensuring all residents received the socks they needed, the Nest donated excess pairs of socks to the Michigan City Area Schools.

“We recognized that many local students and families are also facing economic hardships,” said Holtkamp. “By paying forward a portion of this generous donation to the area schools, we can support even more members of our community in need of basic essentials like high-quality socks.”

The donated socks are being distributed by the school district to students identified as experiencing homelessness or coming from low-income households across all grade levels.

“We are so grateful to the Nest and Bombas for this generous gift of socks,” said Cathy Bildhauser, Director of Curriculum for Michigan City Area Schools. “Donations like this one help our students stay focused on learning. This also models for them the Habits of Character emphasized by our schools, demonstrating the importance of respect, empathy, and integrity in our relations with one another and the larger community.”