Today we want to share a beautiful poem that talks about the new beginnings that can be found in the within the doors of our shelter. As we look forward to the new year, a time of growth, and renewal, we celebrate the successes of our guests, and those we have yet to meet and support. We encourage you to give the give the gift of a new beginning this year.

New Beginnings

By: Anonymous

In the shadowed corners where despair once dwelled,
A tale of new beginnings, in verses shall be spelled.
A resident, once lost in the night’s cold embrace,
Now finds warmth, hope, and a comforting place.

In the shelter’s embrace, where loneliness was the theme,
Hopelessness shatters, like a forgotten dream.
Through the echoes of yesterday’s bitter strife,
A symphony of laughter breathes new life.

Gone is the darkness, replaced by a golden light,
A canvas of new beginnings painted with delight.
In the shelter’s haven, friendship takes flight,
A tapestry of souls weaving dreams into the night.

From the cold streets, where shadows did roam,
A community blossoms, a newfound home.
Through the tapestry of shared stories and care,
Resilience sprouts, an answer to every prayer.

No longer adrift in the sea of despair,
But anchored in a haven where compassion is the air.
Together they stand, through thick and through thin,
A lifelong support, where every heart finds kin.

As the moonlight dances on this hopeful scene,
A resident transformed, no longer in between.
For in the shelter’s arms, a new chapter unfurls,
A tale of rebirth, of a soul finding pearls.

So, let this poem echo in the shelter’s halls,
A testament to new beginnings, as the old darkness falls.
In the warmth of community, in friendship’s gentle shove,
Lies the promise of forever, the gift of boundless love.