meet our guests - Olivia and Steve

Welcome to the first installment of our new series, “Meet Our Guests!” Our aim is to provide you with an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who come through our doors, seeking shelter and hope. By sharing their stories of struggle, resilience, and triumph, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding homelessness and to inspire our community to join us in our mission to make a difference. 

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The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18)

Meet Olivia

Olivia came to us, hiding behind the walls of Jericho. Suffering from mental illness and chronic homelessness, she was not willing to let anyone know the real Olivia. She constantly talked to herself, which caused others to avoid her. She was not allowed into most places because she carried all of her belongings with her; they were the only things in her life that did not disappoint her.  

From day one in our shelter, we began trying to gain Olivia’s trust and break down her wall. As her trust in us slowly began to build, we were able to help her get a state identification card, restart her Social Security disability, and open a bank account. She was able to purchase a P.O. Box to receive mail. Each step she took allowed her to build more confidence in herself and trust in us.  

During her time here she had been hiding the full amount of her belongings throughout parts of our town. This past weekend we were able to help her get a storage unit and transport all of her belongings into HER unit. We still have a way to go with Olivia. We are helping her look for affordable housing. Olivia has allowed us into her world. Her smile, missing teeth and all, lights up the room. We are so glad that she found us and grateful that your support enables us to provide for people like Olivia.

Meet Steve 

Steve made a mistake and it cost him warmth, security, and pride. He came to us after losing his CDL followed by his apartment. 

From day one, he has been hard driven. Within his first month with us he was able to secure a non CDL driving job. The job had him on call all night, many times he would have to leave the shelter. We worked with him and his ever-changing schedule. We allowed him to enter at odd hours, and some nights he would only get a few hours of sleep before having to leave in the morning. Through his hard work and sacrifices, he started to get his life back. 

Steve stopped by the shelter today to thank us and express how much he appreciated what we had done for him. Today he shared that he has regained his CDL, has a new job, and an apartment in LaPorte. He wanted us to know that our flexibility really helped him succeed. He explained to us that seeing how fast he lost everything before made him appreciate it that much more now. Steve is a survivor. He did it and we are proud to have been the support he needed.

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