man wearing "love your neighbour" hat

In our last article, we laid out our most important goals for 2023. You can check it out here. We have some big goals that we want to achieve, and the key to reaching them is having the support of our community. 

We’ve said it a million times but it bears repeating: we can’t do this work without you! So if you’re looking to get involved and support our work that helps homeless men, women and children in our area, read on. 

5 Ways to Support ICPADS in 2023

When we asked our Director, Harrison Holtkamp, about our 2023 goals, we also inquired about how individuals in our community could contribute to these goals in significant ways. Here are the 5 suggestions he shared.

1. Volunteer

One of our goals is to increase the number of volunteer hours to 300 per month (right now it averages about 225 but fluctuates from about 150 to 250). And there is no way we can reach this goal without getting new volunteers involved.

Harry says, “Donate a few hours. It will change your life.” And he’s not alone in this sentiment. Last April, when we interviewed volunteers, many spoke about how rewarding the experience is.

We have a range of volunteer opportunities, some which are regular and some which are time and situation based. To learn more, reach out to us directly at (219) 276-7582,, or fill out this contact sheet. 

2. Coordinate a Donation Drive

Donations of goods support our mission on a daily basis and it’s a great way to get involved and have a lot of fun in the process. While you can donate as an individual (and we thank you for doing that!), you can maximize your impact by coordinating a drive where others donate as well. 

For example, your church could collect coffee for the month. Or everyone at your work could bring in boxes of cereal. Or your bowling league could bring a toilet paper donation each time you meet throughout the month. The more the merrier – and the greater your impact. Think about the groups you interact with regularly, and get creative!

If you need help organizing your donation drive, check out this article. And if you are wondering what you should donate, you can find out about our current needs by reaching out to us at (219) 276-7582,, or filling out this contact sheet. 

3. Sign Up for Our Newsletter

Another simple but impactful way you can help us reach our 2023 goals is to sign up for our newsletter and encourage your friends and family to do the same! This is because one of our goals is to increase the size of our email list and the number of people who open and read our newsletter.

To sign up for our newsletter, you just need to fill out your name and email address on this page. 

Then, you can expect to receive a newsletter on the last day of each month that recaps our work during that month. It includes a highlight from our Facebook page, our monthly (and cumulative) statistics (like number of guests, meals served, etc.), a ‘get involved’ callout, and our latest blog posts.

4. Make a Recurring Donation

In 2023, we hope to quadruple our donations so we have enough funds to support our operations and our paid staff. More specifically, we also have a goal to increase the number of recurring donations we get each month. Perhaps you could help us with this goal!

A recurring donation is when a donor pledges a certain amount to donate automatically every month, for example, $20. You can choose whatever amount is affordable to you, and after your first donation, new donations will be made in the same amount on that day each month.

Making a monthly recurring donation is simple. Just go here and select or enter the monthly donation amount of your choosing. Your donation will automatically process each month, and you can stop your donation at any time. 

5. Attend Our Fundraisers

A final way you can support ICPADS throughout 2023 is to attend our fundraisers throughout the year. Right now we are planning out our fundraisers. As we work out the details, we will post announcements on our Facebook page and in our newsletter. So follow us on Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter (#3 above!) to get the latest.

Last year our fundraisers included ‘give backs’ at local restaurants, which were a lot of fun for everyone who participated. By dining at the selected restaurant on the specific donation day (and showing your donation coupon!) a portion of your check goes to ICPADS. We hope to do more give backs and other fundraisers throughout 2023, and we greatly appreciate your participation.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!

So there you have it, five specific ways that you can support ICPADS and our work to help the homeless in 2023. We’ve come so far already and we thank you for your continued support in the year ahead!